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Shiodome nursery school Inagi

Inagi is located in the northeastern part of the Tama Hills.
On the site that makes use of the undulating hills
So that children can play freely
It has a well-equipped garden with playground equipment.
150 children from 0 to 5 years old
Children's autonomy in a quiet environment
We are working on childcare that nurtures

our thoughts

Childcare philosophy

◎Accept and support children as they are

◎Efforts will be made to create an environment in which the entire community can raise children, while supporting child-rearing by parents and local communities.

childcare policy

◎ Respect each child, accept each child as an individual, make the best use of the child's strengths, and stay close to the child so that they can demonstrate their uniqueness.

◎We will create an environment where children are loved by many adults who surround them, where their dignity as human beings is protected in a warm, homely atmosphere, and where they can actively engage in activities.

◎ As a nursery school that grows together with local people, we will provide necessary child-rearing information and work together to create an environment where the entire community can raise children.

childcare goals

◎ A child who loves to move his body and is full of smiles

◎ Children who can enjoy various activities

◎Kind and caring children

◎ Children who like to eat


Facility introduction

The garden has two artificial hills, and is equipped with design playground equipment and a sandbox. For recitals, etc., there is also a "Yugi Hall" that can accommodate all children and has a stage. Furthermore, on the 2nd floor, there is also a rooftop garden that can be accessed directly from the 0-2 year old nursery room. This is an artificial turf on top of cushioning rubber chips. You can run and play wherever you want.


2nd floor (childcare room for 0-2 year olds, toilets, rooftop garden, etc.)


1st floor (entrance, office, kitchen, nursery room for children aged 3 to 5, play hall, etc.)

State of the garden▶︎


Overview of the garden



Target age





Opening hours


Extended childcare


Closed day


School lunch

Licensed nursery school


0 year old (57th day after birth) to preschool


150 people

0 years old 15 people

20 1-year-old children

25 2 year olds

30 children aged 3

30 4-year-old children

5 years old 30 people


Mon-Sat 7:00-19:00


Sundays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays (12/29-1/3)


Complete school lunch (Monday-Saturday)


a day in the garden


*Times and content are approximate.

* Sleep for 0-year-old children will be handled individually according to each child.


Annual events

※The photograph is an image.

♪Children aged 3 to 5 only Events in which parents participate ☆Events in which eligible parents participate

Things to do every month ○Body measurement ○Medical examination for 0-year-old child ○Evacuation drill ○Birthday party
Regular check-up ○Medical checkup (every month for 0-year-olds) ○Medical checkup (twice a year for 1-5 year-olds) ○Dental checkup (once a year)


Please use the temporary storage.

*Pre-registration and interview are required.


Shiodome nursery school Inagi provides temporary custody services.(for preschool children)

We will support childcare at home by implementing temporary care projects such as employment support for at-home childcare families and ensuring refreshment time for guardians. In addition, we strive to create an environment where children can feel safe in an unfamiliar environment.

Available time 8:30-17:00
Capacity 6 people (1 year old to pre-school children)
Usage fee (according to city guidelines)

At Shiodome Nursery School Inagi, we value interaction with everyone in the community, such as opening the garden to the public and raising children.

●Child care open space business

Introduce stories and play of childcare workers, nurses, and nutritionists for local parents and children.

●Nursery school experience (reservation required) *For preschool children

Parents and children experience life in a nursery school together in a class of the same age as your child.

◎ 9:45-12:00

◎ Closed in March, April and August

◎The schedule may be changed due to the epidemic of infectious diseases.

Open garden *For preschool children

The garden is open every day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays). 9:30-11:30

●Child care consultation

I am available for consultation at any time.

●Exchange with the elderly

Children aged 3, 4, and 5 visit the facility and interact with the users.


Registration for kindergarten

(for parents)


Registration for kindergarten
(for doctors)

Documents necessary for using the nursery school can be downloaded from the website in addition to being handed out at the nursery school. Please fill in the necessary information and submit it by the following method.

● Print it out and bring it directly to the nursery school

● Attach data to e-mail


943 Sakahama, Inagi City, Tokyo 206-0822

Keio Sagamihara Line Inagi Station 27 minutes on foot / Wakabadai Station 19 minutes on foot

We will introduce the route from Wakabadai Station to the kindergarten building in the video!


Shiba Gakuen

943 Sakahama, Inagi City, Tokyo 206-0822

Shiodome nursery school Inagi

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