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Saitama Prefecture's "Third Party Evaluation of Welfare Services"I received

What is third-party evaluation?

A fair and neutral third-party organization other than the parties (operators and users) evaluates the quality of the services provided by social welfare service providers from a professional and objective standpoint using Saitama Prefecture's evaluation standards. Thing. This time, Shiodome nursery school Koshigaya received a third-party evaluation.

what kinds of effects are there?

Points that need to be improved in terms of the quality of childcare they provide become clear. It is possible to set specific goals for efforts to improve the quality of childcare. In the process of receiving a third-party evaluation, we aim to gain the trust of users by sharing various issues, fostering employee awareness, motivation for improvement, and sharing various issues.

Click here for the contents of the evaluation


■ Welfare service third-party evaluation questionnaire results by users


The illustration is Saitama Prefecture's mascot "Kobaton".

Shiodome Nursery School Koshigaya will continue to work together with parents and the local community to actively improve quality and strive to further improve quality.

​ Shiba Gakuen Shiodome Nursery School Koshigaya

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