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What is elementary school like?

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nursery mom's


The hurdles from nursery school to school are surprisingly high.

At Fureaishi Odome Nursery School, there are 10 nursery teachers who have experienced being elementary school mothers.

Because there is one person who has experience as an elementary school teacherWe can answer any question, no matter how small.

Please leave it to us for support before and after admission.


●How do you feel about dividing your time?

I can show you the actual timetable.

●What do you carry?

It is possible to introduce real things such as recommended handbag sizes and recommended stationery.

What does a textbook look like?

I can show you the actual textbook.

●Where do you recommend to buy gym clothes and apparel?

We will introduce recommended shops in Moriya City.

What is it like to go to school?

I can tell you how the coming-to-school group works and how the leaving-school group works.

What is afterschool care like?

I can explain how to spend weekdays and long vacations.

● What should I do with my lessons?

I can talk about my experiences about balancing work and lessons.

●How far should letters and numbers be made?

I can answer from the perspective of an elementary school teacher..

I'm thinking about taking the exam, but...

I can talk about the exam situation in the neighborhood. Please leave the junior high school exam information.

Counseling specific to boys

Boy moms can answer frankly.

Counseling specific to girls

A girl's mom can answer frankly.


After confirming the content of your inquiry, the person in charge will contact you again.If you do not hear from us within a week, there is a possibility that the reply e-mail has not been received correctly, so in that case please send it again.

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