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Shiodome Nursery School Tsukuba

Application Requirements

Looking for nursery teacher part!

Would you like to work at Shiodome Nursery School Tsukuba?
Shiodome Nursery School Tsukuba, a licensed nursery school opened in April 2021, aims to foster independence and consideration for others, and practice childcare that is close to each child.
We are currently looking for nursery staff to work with us.

Able to work 3 days a week, 4 hours or more per day. Please feel free to ask us about our working hours.
If you are qualified as a nursery teacher, no experience is required to apply. We welcome both those who want to make use of the experience they have cultivated so far and those who have no practical experience yet.
Let's work together to create a place where we can support the growth of children!

We are waiting for you to carefully observe the development of children and provide warm childcare.
Would you like to aim for a garden full of smiles with us?

★ No experience required ★ Working from 3 days a week OK

Kindergarten teacher


Employment form Part-timer


Required qualifications If you have a nursery teacher qualification

No age or experience required


Job Description Childcare at a licensed nursery school


Salary Hourly wage 1,100Circle~1,150 yen

      4 months trial period (no change in conditions)


Transportation expensesCommuting allowance up to 45,000 yen per month

Commuting by car OK


Working hours Work only in the morning
work only in the afternoon
almost no overtime
4 hours or more from 7:30 or
4 hours or more until 19:30
Work hours negotiable at
60 minutes break for those who work more than 6 hours

(Breaks are granted as required by law)
*No overtime

shift system


Sundays and public holidays (more than 125 days off per year)

Long vacation/special vacation    
Summer vacation
New Year holiday
Annual paid leave is granted as required by law


Inquiry form

Thank you for sending

Please feel free to contact us!

412-1 Shimohiratsuka, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 305-0813


Shiodome Nursery School Tsukuba

Shiba Gakuen

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