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Development support for diverse children
We will help you understand and support children with diverse development.

Including parents who are concerned about their child's development

“I have trouble switching between tantrums and scenes”

“Clumsy hands”

“somewhat hyperactive”

For everyday troubles such as

how we can help in life

We can think together while snuggling up

A warm consultation room.

Please feel free to contact us even for trivial matters.


What is the correct answer for raising children? Each person has a different personality "Everyone is different, everyone is good". The child will definitely develop. I would like to be a small force to help parents who are worried about raising children and to think together. And even moms and dads who are struggling every day need a break! There is a place where you won't be scolded for complaining or being selfish. Why don't you take a break at "Fureaishi Odome Nursery School"...


Itsuko-sensei Profile

Itsuko Nakajima●From Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture/While working as a nursery teacher in charge of development support at a public nursery school, she also works as an elementary school support worker. After that, he was in charge of children's rehabilitation and guardian support at a local government management group. Currently specializing in developmental support work.

●Developmental support specialist certification (One company Childhood Lab/Representative: Satomi Fujiwara)
●Parent training instructor
Baby massage instructor

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